Guarantees of Origin auctions


Based on the regulatory framework for implementation of the Guarantees of Origin system in Croatia, CROATIAN ENERGY MARKET OPERATOR d.o.o. (HROTE) is responsible for issuing the Guarantees of Origin and for establishing and maintaining the register of Guarantees of Origin in Croatia. In 2014, an IT system was established, i.e. the Croatian Register of Guarantees of Origin, and the full implementation of the register started in February 2015 when the first users were registered.

Electricity produced from a production plant or production unit with a status of eligible electricity producer, for which a power purchase contract is in force in accordance with the tariff system for the production of electricity from renewable energy sources and cogeneration, HROTE sells to electricity suppliers that are obliged to deliver it to the final customers in the Republic of Croatia. For that electricity produced Guarantees of the Origin are not issued, in accordance with the Regulation on establishing the system of guarantee of origin of electricity.

In accordance with the Law on Renewable Energy Sources and Highly Efficient Cogeneration, HROTE, as the leader of the ECO Balance Group for the incentivised electricity production, is obliged to sell electricity delivered by the eligible producers from the incentive system to the electricity market. By switching to market based sales of electricity by HROTE, it is also possible to set up a system for selling Guarantees of Origin on the market basis, precisely for that electricity produced by incentivized producers. Guarantees of origin for the production of electricity from these production plants can be issued within the register and offered to market participants in the market i.e. by auctions.

HROTE would issue Guarantees of Origin of electricity produced by incentivised eligible producers and sell on the market via Guarantees of Origin auctions, i.e. through an IT auction platform. After the auction would be concluded, the funds raised would be transferred to the incentivised system fund, while on the other hand, the auctioned guarantees of origin would be transferred from HROTE’s account in the Guarantees of Origin register to auction participant’s user accounts.

For 2019, the planned percentages, that is, a portion of the electricity drawn by the producers into the incentive system, which will sell 30%. Use guarantees of origin that they plan to auction in 2019 (30%). For comparison, with the total electricity sold on the market (CROPEX d.o.o.), the same quantity (100%) could be auctioned.

CROPEX d.o.o.

Wind power plants for auctions

Wind power plants for auctions ...

The quantity of electricity for which guarantees of origin are issued and auctioned corresponds to the production of electricity from the associated power plants sold in the electricity market, 0

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