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Market model

The framework for performing energy activities in the electricity market is established by energy related acts, while secondary legislation elaborates legal provisions.


*from 01.01.2017.

Bilateral contracts concerning electricity trade (purchase or sale, internal or external) are concluded between the supplier, the trader or the producer. The contracting parties in a bilateral contract are: balance group member - balance group manager, balance group manager - balance group manager or balance group member - balance group member.
Contractual parties in the electricity supply contract are the eligible customer and the supplier.Besides the supply contract or the electricity trade contract, the eligible customer and producer shall conclude a contract for using the network with Croatian Transmission System Operator (CTSO) or with HEP-Operator distribucijskog sustava (HEP-DSO) depending on the voltage level the eligible customer or a producer is connected to.

CTSO is in charge of procuring electricity necessary for system balancing. Each balance group manager (producer, supplier or trader) is responsible to CTSO for deviations from its contractual schedule (Balancing energy).

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