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Planning electricity production for the ECO balance group

For the planning of electricity production from plants using intermittent renewable energy sources such as wind power plants, solar power plants and small hydro power plants, sophisticated software tools are required. On the other hand, for quality production planning from plants using dispatchable renewable energy, such as biomass power plants, biogas power plants, geothermal power plants and high-efficiency cogeneration, it is required that eligible producers deliver production plans for their power plants.
Software tools for planning the production from wind power, solar power plants and small hydroelectric power plants operate using meteorological forecasts and historical data on the production of these power plants.
HROTE uses the services of forecasting production from the world leading companies in the field of forecasting of electricity production from renewable energy sources. Selected providers for planning of electricity production will use and optimize meteorological forecasts from the world meteorological agencies for planning of production from wind and solar power plants
HROTE’s role will be the collection and delivery of historical data on the operation of wind farms and solar power plants and the acquisition of additional meteorological forecast from national meteorological institutions.
The best solution proved to be a combination of models using physical and statistical approach in planning of wind and solar power plants production, which will contribute to the quality of production forecasts.

Wind power plants


Solar power plants


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