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Second (annual) imbalance settlement

In the second (annual) imbalance settlement the difference between metered realization pursuant to the General conditions for system use and electricity supply and realization in the first (monthly) imbalance settlement pursuant to the Rules for application of standard load profiles shall be calculated.

Settlement interval in the second (annual) imbalance settlement is a calendar month, and the settlement period is a calendar year.
Imbalances of individual balancing groups in the second (annual) calculation of imbalances is calculated by the Electricity Market Operator based on realization data of balancing group members and data on actual losses in the distribution and transmission system delivered by the Distribution and transmission System Operator.

Balancing group imbalance in the second (annual) imbalance settlement is a sum of imbalances of all metering points belonging to the balancing group:


            –       refers to the determined monthly imbalance of a metering point „j“ within the second (annual) imbalance settlement,
N                               –       refers to the total number of metering points which belonged to the balancing group in the specific month.
Imbalance of a metering point in a calendar month equals a difference between realization in the second (annual) imbalances settlement and the first (monthly) imbalances settlement:

                –       refers to the (calculated) monthly realization of a metering point within the second (annual) imbalances settlement,
                –       refers to the determined (calculated) data on a monthly realization in a metering point within the first (monthly) imbalances settlement.

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