About us

CROATIAN ENERGY MARKET OPERATOR (HROTE) started to operate on 4 April 2005. HROTE performs activities of organizing electricity and gas market as a public service, under the supervision of the Croatian Energy Regulatory Agency (HERA). In addition, HROTE performs activities in system for incentivizing electricity production from renewable sources and cogeneration and in system for incentivizing production of biofuels for transport.

Main responsibilities on the electricity market include:
  • issuing Electricity Market Rules,
  • keeping records of participants on electricity market,
  • registration of contractual obligations among market participants,
  • preparation of a day ahead market plan,
  • settlement of balancing energy,
  • analysing the electricity market and recommending measures for its improvement.

Main responsibilities on the gas market include:
  • issuing Gas Market Rules,
  • issuing standard contracts according to Gas Market Rules,
  • organization of the gas market in accordance with the model of the gas market,
  • keeping balance responsible parties register,
  • keeping register of immediate members of balance responsible parties,
  • contractual relations with balance responsible parties,
  • organization of balancing energy market,
  • calculating balancing energy prices
  • calculations for deviations of  balance responsible parties
  • organization of Virtual trading point
  • delivering informations about supplier/dealer with financial problems
  • evidencing documents about proceeding supplier change
  • creating report about proceeding activities on supplier change
  • creating annual report
  • information exchange with market participants
  • organization of annual competition for balancing energy services
  • organization of market for daily services of balancing energy
  • analyzing of the gas market
  • suggesting updates for advancement of gas market
Main responsibilities in systems of incentives include:
  • concluding contracts with incentivized eligible producers,
  • concluding contracts with all suppliers regarding regulated purchasing of minimal share of electricity produced from renewables and cogeneration (RESCO),
  • collecting incentive fee for RESCO from all suppliers on electricity market,
  • financial settlement according to concluded contracts,
  • collecting of incentive fee for production of biofuels for transport from distributors who put diesel fuel or gasoline on the market,
  • distribution of incentive fee to producers of biofuels.